LIBERTY BELLE is a middle grade contemporary novel that debuted August 12, 2014 with Anaiah Press.



After her twelfth birthday, Savannah moves with her family from sunny, sweet Georgia to preppy Washington D.C. Not only does she miss her best friends Katie and Tessa, Savannah has to start a new school and deal with people who love to brag that their parents work for senators and other important people in the nation’s capital. As she emails with her friends back to Georgia in the months to come, Savannah makes life sound a lot better than it is—living in the childhood home of George Washington, riding in the limo of the vice president’s daughter, and even moving into the former Luxembourg embassy.

But none of it is true! So when Savannah’s friends from Georgia tell her they’re coming for a visit, Savannah has to create the life she’s talked about in her letters—fast. As she plans a big show to show her old friends her grand new life, she must make sure that her secret isn’t revealed, or lies will be discovered and friends could be lost forever.

Looking for more?

Purchase LIBERTY BELLE on Amazon by clicking here.

Check out my awesome book trailer.

Visit the web site for Anaiah Press.

Read my post on why I chose Anaiah Press to be my publisher for LIBERTY BELLE.


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