Teaser Reveal: Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar

TEASER: the first chapter of LIBERTY BELLE!

Anaiah Press

It’s TEASER time! Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar will be released on August 12, but you will have the lucky opportunity to get a sneak peak at her first pages of the book. We hope you enjoy!

Liberty Belle Teaser

Liberty Belle

Chapter One

Today is my twelfth birthday, and I’m in the backseat of our family Subaru holding a dead goldfish. Poor Frank bit it somewhere between Georgia and Washington D.C., and now I’m holding a sandwich bag full of water and the lifeless remains of last summer’s carnival prize. Dad and I wanted to leave Frank’s little body in a nice puddle somewhere along the highway, but Mom pointed out that the moving van would have to stop, too, and we would create a scene.

Mom’s biggest fear is creating a scene, and Dad’s biggest fear is upsetting Mom–that’s why I have my lime-green iPod in my left hand and my dearly departed goldfish…

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1 thought on “Teaser Reveal: Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar”

  1. HI Emily, it’s so fabulous! I love Savannah!! She’s so funny and real! My favorite line has got to be, “Why is it that people always wait until the best part of a song to ask you something?” LOL! Can’t wait to read LIBERTY BELLE! :-)


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