Follow my #atozblog challenge: best MG/YA for the young Gen X!



I am incredibly excited to participate in the A to Z blog challenge this month: April 2014. With my head buried in writing fiction and often reading 4 books at a time, it’s easy to neglect my ambition to build up my own blog as well as search for other blogs to follow. This challenge will be a great way for me to share a theme I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: my favorite middle grade/young adult books of the 1990s and late 80s: all of the books that those straddling the line between Generations X and Y love to read! Plus, I can’t wait to discover the blogs of other writers and readers.

Each day in April (with Sundays off for rest!) I’ll be talking about a favorite book/author of those decades and talk about why those books were meaningful to me and to others. As adults, we love book clubs, but I remember even as a kid sharing favorite Babysitters’ Club moments with my friends. 

We’ll go in alphabetical order for 26 days. My first post will be Tuesday, April 1, when we’ll start with the letter “A.”

Find out more about the A to Z blog challenge here!


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