Respecting Your Creative Spirit

In the history of time, the ability to laugh at ourselves has perhaps never been stronger than it is right now. Humiliation and embarrassment, once things that were to be kept hidden, are proudly displayed. Memes of awkward faces, self-admissions of clumsiness, and disparaging comments directed toward the self are the norm. It's great that… Continue reading Respecting Your Creative Spirit


“Mini” Fiction Friday

I've been meaning to start a regular series for awhile, and I'd like to try out something I've always wanted to do. We've all seen those pictures frames at Target and Kohl's--the ones with stock photos of family and friends. Or even random pictures from magazines. I've always wondered about the secrets behind these families… Continue reading “Mini” Fiction Friday

“Where I Write” Series: Guest Post by Jennifer Novotney

How to Create a Great Work Area for Inspiration Today's guest post and second installment in the "Where I Write" series is from Jennifer Novotney, the author of the YA book WINTER IN THE SOUL. She was born in Burbank, California and lived in Los Angeles for most of her life until settling in North Eastern Pennsylvania… Continue reading “Where I Write” Series: Guest Post by Jennifer Novotney

Liberty Belle ARC Giveaway

Anaiah Press

Liberty Belle

We’re giving away an ARC ecopy of Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar, today only! The first three people to tweet using the #AnaiahGiveaway hashtag will receive one (1) ARC of Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AnaiahGiveaway!


  • One tweet per person, duplicate tweets will be ignored

  • Open to residents of the continental U.S. only

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to win

  • One recipient per mailing/email address, duplicate winners will be considered void and a new winner will be chosen.

Liberty Belle Teaser

Liberty Belle will be released on August 12. If you’d like to participate in the Liberty Belle blog tour, please complete the form HERE.

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Where I Write: guest post by author Linda Brendle

  WHERE I WRITE: MEET LINDA BRENDLE, author of A LONG AND WINDING ROAD   Today I have the pleasure of featuring a guest on my blog! The lovely author Linda Brendle has been kind enough to help me kick off a regular blog feature that I'm excited to debut today: the "Where I Write"… Continue reading Where I Write: guest post by author Linda Brendle

Author Interview: Robert Polk

Awesome interview with my fellow middle grade Anaiah Press author, Robert Polk.

Anaiah Press

Robert Polk

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.I don’t like to fold laundry, and although I’m at stay home dad, I’m not very good at multi-tasking. Give me some time to read to my children, plot my next book or work outside a bit, and I’m quite content. (I guess I could plot while I fold laundry, but then I’d probably forget it all before I’d make it back to my computer.) 

  2. How did you hear about Anaiah Press?Jessica Schmeidler liked a #Pitmad twitter pitch for a picture book I’d written, so I researched the Anaiah family and liked what I discovered. I sent my picture book with a query letter to Ms. Schmeidler, and although she ultimately rejected the picture book, she asked to see my current middle grade novel, which at that time was titled TREE ROPER. To make a long story short, I sent it, she liked…

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Teaser Reveal: Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar

TEASER: the first chapter of LIBERTY BELLE!

Anaiah Press

It’s TEASER time! Liberty Belle by Emily Ungar will be released on August 12, but you will have the lucky opportunity to get a sneak peak at her first pages of the book. We hope you enjoy!

Liberty Belle Teaser

Liberty Belle

Chapter One

Today is my twelfth birthday, and I’m in the backseat of our family Subaru holding a dead goldfish. Poor Frank bit it somewhere between Georgia and Washington D.C., and now I’m holding a sandwich bag full of water and the lifeless remains of last summer’s carnival prize. Dad and I wanted to leave Frank’s little body in a nice puddle somewhere along the highway, but Mom pointed out that the moving van would have to stop, too, and we would create a scene.

Mom’s biggest fear is creating a scene, and Dad’s biggest fear is upsetting Mom–that’s why I have my lime-green iPod in my left hand and my dearly departed goldfish…

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LIBERTY BELLE book trailer reveal!

  I am SO excited to reveal my book trailer for LIBERTY BELLE, a middle grade contemporary novel! The staff at Anaiah Press did an amazing job of capturing the spirit and fun of the book, and I couldn't be more pleased to debut it! Check out the trailer below.   About the book: On… Continue reading LIBERTY BELLE book trailer reveal!

“F” is for Face on the Milk Carton: my blog #atozchallenge

So happy it's "F" day because THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTON by Caroline B. Cooney is absolute one of my favorites of my teen years. As the first in a series, teenage Janie discovers that a little girl's face on a milk carton in an ad for missing children is her own face. Janie is the… Continue reading “F” is for Face on the Milk Carton: my blog #atozchallenge